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An Interview with Rob Ashman - Co-Founder of HIIT Kitchen

We grilled one of HIIT Kitchen's Co-Founders - Rob, and asked him all about the reality of running a food business, his prized possession, ways of staying fit, and his guilty food pleasure too!

by Alicia Drewnicki

Rob Ashman HIIT Kitchen Cycling

1) Can you tell us a bit about your work background and what you were doing before you started up HIIT Kitchen?
I come from a construction background, which is an industry I have worked in since my early teens. This then developed into a role as a materials buyer for large construction sites throughout the South East of England.

2) For people wanting to follow in your footsteps. Can you shed some light on the reality of running a food business? How hard is it?
Running a food business is extremely challenging as there are so many different moving parts of the business. You really have to keep full controls over margins, process management and customer relations.

3) Has running a food business helped expand your own personal cooking skills?
For something that was a passion before I starting HIIT Kitchen, it has now turned into a bit of an obsession. I can often be found baking different breads at home inspired by our kitchen team, my favourite being sourdough! Since the Coronavirus lockdown, I have also starting growing different herbs as well as some chillies.

4) What’s your guilty pleasure food?
White chocolate!

5) What’s your exercise of choice, and how are you exercising during lockdown?
My exercise of choice is workout out at Marchon Athletic gym, the facility is incredible and the team there have such a high level of attention to detail which really keeps me motivated. Since the lockdown I have been getting out on my road bike everyday to get myself out of the house for some fresh air. Marchon HomeWOD and their newly released e-book has also been helping me keep in shape.

6) Think back to when you first started the business. What do you know now that you wish you knew back then?
When I started HIIT Kitchen I thought I knew a lot about business however the longer time has gone on, the less I think I know. I am constantly learning everyday and developing new techniques to help streamline our operation.

7) How does HIIT Kitchen find inspiration for their meal ideas and what has been your favourite so far?
HIIT takes a lot of inspiration from classic dishes widely available throughout the world, we also listen to what our customers prefer and try to build upon these as much as possible.

8) Who do you turn to when you’re looking for good advice?
It depends what kind of advice I need, fortunately I am now in the position to have such a great support network around me to help me in different areas of my life.

9) What are your prized possessions/favourite ever purchases?
My best ever purchase has to be my road bike which I am now using daily, you can follow my movements on Strava!

10) If you had to choose one meal to have every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?
This would definitely be our slow cooked beef and coconut curry! If we are talking non HK then this would have to be a burger!

11) What are your goals for the future of HIIT Kitchen?
Our goal is to become the ‘go to’ company for healthy, prepared meals throughout the UK, delivered directly to doors as well as available throughout the High Street.

We are currently moving into a brand new facility which will allows us to produce and ship 12,000 items per day which is going to be a big step up. Aside from this we are about to introduce a new weekly menu which is much bigger, more varied as well as having much improved packaging to suit!

Rob Ashman HIIT Kitchen Cycling