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Get Discounts & Rewards with our new Grab'n'Go App

This week we launched our very first App in partnership with David Lloyd Clubs - find out more about it below.

by Alicia Drewnicki


In case you missed the big news, this week marked the launch of our new Grab'n'Go App. By using the App, you'll get access to special rewards that you wouldn't be able to access otherwise.

We answered your questions about the App below:

1) How do I use the App?
At the moment, it's available for Apple users only.
Download it by clicking on this link, or scanning the QR Code below.

When you place your order you'll need to use the email address that you've registered with us. If you've got a new email address or a friend who would like access, then no worries, please subscribe by registering on our website (you can do this by clicking signup/login on the top right corner of our website).

'Grab'n'Go' QR Code

2) What is the App for?
The App is for 'Grab'n'Go' purchases at our St. Albans HIIT Kitchen store.

'Grab'n'Go' in HIIT Kitchen Store

3) How does the App make my life easier?
Pre-ordering on our App means not having to queue! You'll also be able to select a specific time for pickup to suit your schedule.

4) Tell me about the perks...
By downloading the App, you'll get access to exclusive rewards, and will be able to collect loyalty tokens each time you shop at HIIT Kitchen. Building up these loyalty tokens can get you free meals and drinks in the future!

5) Will it be available on Android?
At the moment it's just available for iPhone users, but keep checking our newsletters where we'll announce in the future when we roll out to Android too.


Have you tried our app yet? If so, we'd love to know your feedback. Please email us: hiitme@hiitkitchen.co.uk