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Quality of produce

by Matthew Hodges

At Hiit Kitchen all our produce is very carefully selected to gain the optimum nutrition and the best taste for our meal prep products. We try to source locally where possible meaning we can support local businesses and we can research where it all actually comes from and how it is grown. Everything is freshly prepared and free from any nasties - we serve our food the way it is supposed to be served - fresh!

We put a lot of effort into picking our suppliers - for example, when buying meat we don't just look at the end product we look at how it is reared and how it is fed ensuring that we gain the most nutrient dense option available. We have a great relationship with all our farmers so we have great faith in what we are giving to you.

Our Meal Prep comes to you and is ready to eat hot or cold, store the meals in the fridge and consume within the date indicated or alternatively you can freeze our meals and have them when you require - our meals are cooked in such a way that maintains the integrity of the ingredients meaning you get the freshest, tastiest and nutritious meal whenever you need it.