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Staying on track with nutrition during the pandemic

As the nation stays home and we adjust to the ‘new normal’, it is easy to stray away from your nutritional goals. With a drop in activity levels for many, it is even more important to be aware of how we fuel our body.

by Rob Ashman

HIIT Kitchen working from home

With restaurants closed and more time being spent at home, we have the rare opportunity to regain control of our habits and to establish positive nutrition.

Here at HIIT Kitchen, we have put together some easy-to-follow, key tips to keep you on track.

Make a plan: Establishing a meal plan is essential to ensure you stay on track. Preparation is key; make sure your fridge is well stocked without raiding the supermarket shelves (give others the chance to focus on their nutrition too). Having a clear plan for your meals will help you to avoid the 7pm fridge ponder or takeaway temptation.

Buy smart: Avoid buying foods that don’t compliment your nutritional goals. In times like these, choose food that will boost your immune system and keep you full. Find nutritious foods that you enjoy eating. We eat to live, but you need to enjoy it too.

Establish boundaries: Create a positive environment for eating at home. Focus on eating consciously, eating more slowly to give your brain time to register when you’re full. Don’t be afraid to leave food on your plate: when your body stays stop, listen.

Out of sight, out of mind: Keep calorie dense, low satiety foods out the way. Putting these in less convenient locations will help to combat mindless visits to the snack shelf.

Getting back on the horse: When you deviate from your nutrition plans for a snack or meal, don’t use it as an excuse for a blow-out. Instead get back on track for the rest of the day to avoid losing sight of your original goal.

In a time where so many things are out of our control, one thing you can control is your nutrition. HIIT Kitchen are on hand to help you stay on track. Our meals are nutritious, great tasting and, above all, convenient, delivered nationwide throughout the UK.

HIIT Kitchen working from home