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Teamwork makes the dream work

by Rob Ashman

At Hiit we strive to deliver the finest meal prep there is to offer, in our dedication to creating the best product we have recently bought in a specialist nutritionist to help us focus on making our food the best for you.

Matt comes from a performance based nutrition background where he developed his own meal prep company Buff Box Meals - we have joined forces with Matt as he, like us, is passionate about creating convenient meals that will really benefit your quality of life. He has a wealth of knowledge and has worked with some big names in the sporting world including Sam Briggs, Sonny Webster and Lauren Fisher. He has also worked with Nike, Reebok and Sony along the way.

Having Matt on board has helped us create a product that is nutritionally balanced meaning that we have done all the hard work for you so you can just enjoy your life knowing that you are getting the most from your food, you will notice a vast improvement in the way you feel, your energy levels, your digestion, your productivity, your sleep and your training.

"I am really excited to be a part of the HiiT team and when they wanted some support with nutritional balancing of the menu and business development I jumped at the chance. Rob and Kris are great guys with a simple vision, find and offer the best product possible. From running my own successful food prep company I understand the ups and downs as good, if not better than most, its been an awesome journey already but expect some pretty special things from us over the coming months/years!
I have a crazy passion for human adaptation and real drive to make people see their potential. Working as a Crossfit Coach and Performance nutritionist in both professional sport and a more general basis, it is the everyday person that really interests me for the pure fact we aren’t fed the right information, with education and the right nutrition we can have really sustainable results."