HK0021 – Vegetable & bean chilli burrito, scorched kale, spicy rice


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Our vegetarian burrito is stuffed with a mixture of beans, fresh vegetables, fiery spices and tomatoes. All gently simmered together to create an intense vegetable and bean chilli. The scorched kale and cabbage provide not only a subtle smoky flavour but also a wonderful crunchy texture.

Macros: 447 Kcal 1884 KJ Fat 6.9g Carbs 71g of which sugars 10g Fibre 16g Protein 17g Salt 1.8g

Kidney beans (19.8%), Tortilla (16.5%) (Wheat), Brown rice (12.3%), Tomatoes (9.9%), Red onions (9.9%), Carrots (7.4%), Celery (7.4%), Mixed bell peppers (4.9%), Curly kale (2.5%), Cabbage (2.5%), Paprika (1.2%), Garlic (1.2%), Lime juice (1.2%), Coriander (1.2%), Thyme (0.49%), Cayenne pepper (0.49%), Cumin seeds (0.49%), Cajun spice (0.49%)

For allergens, see items in bold. (May also contain traces of Sesame)


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