Meet the team


Kris Tyrell, Founder

Kris is an established personal trainer, having worked in North West Hertfordshire for over 8 years. His passion for health and fitness goes far beyond just his profession, in his spare time he enjoys football, trains at the gym and is a regular visitor to the ski slopes of Europe.


Rob Ashman, Founder

Rob has worked in a commercial business environment for over 9 years. To maintain an active way of life, he is a regular at the gym, has a serious love of skiing and is out on his road bike at the first opportunity.


Corrina Ashman, Partner

Corrina has worked for large commercial organisations in retail, accountancy and finance, as well as being a qualified personal trainer and sports massage therapist. She is dedicated to the gym in her spare time, enjoys skiing and is quite happy to watch a game of rugby.


Andy Mayersbeth, Head Chef

Andy is trained in classical French style cooking. His passion for food and love of travel has enabled him to work in kitchens around the world, including the prestigious ‘Lord of the Rings’ filmset ‘Hobbiton’ in New Zealand. As a keen fitness enthusiast, he has embarked on numerous fitness challenges, having recently completed a 500km bike ride through Tunisia.


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